What goes in the box?

You know that classic question people ask you growing up, ‘If your house were burning down, and you could only grab three things, what would you take with you?’ It’s supposed to make you sort out what’s really important. Well, this last week, I had a moment when I was staring at a black trunk in my kitchen, and it was not a drill.

Ryan and I are starting to work on the logistics of moving, and one of them is figuring out what we’re taking to Kenya, how we’re getting it there, etc. A couple google searches and Costco trips later, we own 4 good-sized black trunks each, and that’s how much stuff we’re taking. Which sounds like plenty. Until you are cleaning out a closet and having to talk yourself into keeping or throwing away that old bridesmaids’ dress, random birthday cards, that extra pair of shoes, and THE BOOKS (not throwing those away, of course, but re-homing them).

Here’s what I’ve realized in the process of having to make hundreds of these tiny keep-or-not decisions:

  1. My new mantra is, ‘things are not memories or relationships. I can value memories and still let these things go’.
  2. I can live very happily with three pairs of shoes.
  3. I have a lot of people in my life who write lovely, hilarious, endearing birthday and graduation cards.
  4. I hoard way too much paper.
  5. There are some unbelievably unflattering old pictures from high school that may have – accidentally *wink* – made it into the throw away pile.
  6. I have lived such a comfortable, blessed lifestyle. And that’s not changing, just scaling down.
  7. I still have separation anxiety over some of my books. Most of my books. Okay, just over ALL THE BOOKS.

Huge, huge thank you to my Chicago family that is helping us sell our stuff, and everyone helping us throw our goodbye fundraiser coming up! If you’re planning to come and haven’t RSVP’d, let us know here or on Facebook!



2 thoughts on “What goes in the box?

  1. Ryan & Haley,
    I heard of your mission to Kenya through Nathan. I will be praying for you to have a safe trip and a pleasant and helpful time in Kenya. May God go with you always.
    Diane Bray,
    Old Wire Road Church in Fayetteville, AR


    1. Hi Diane. Thanks for the note. We are looking forward to our time in Kenya and pray that the work will be profitable for those around us, ourselves, and the Kingdom. Feel free to follow us here or on Facebook.
      Ryan and Haley


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