Almost the end

Hi team! This is probably one of our last blogs. We are planning to leave Kenya in about 3 weeks, lockdowns permitting. Kenya is planning to allow outgoing international flights starting the first week in August. So, we are gearing up to leave before Haley’s work permit expires mid-month. We have good-byes to say, packing to do, work to finish, etc. It’s going to be a busy few weeks!

We would love to see everybody once we’re back in the U.S., but between the pandemic and our own to-be-determined plans, we aren’t sure when that will happen. For now, we plan to land and stay with family until we sort out our long-term options. If we don’t get to see you in person, we hope you know how much it’s meant to us to have so many people praying for us, following along our journey and supporting us in every way. You all made this happen. Thank you!

Stay safe. We will give updates until after we are back in the U.S.

Ryan and Haley


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