Serving in Kenya

A lot of people ask us how we came to find this type of job in Kenya (maybe another post to come), what it’s going to be like, and WHY did we decide to take unpaid jobs halfway around the world?!

Well. . .

“For everyone to whom much is given, from him much will be required; and to whom much has been committed, of him they will ask the more.” Luke 12:48

There are so many ways to try to have a meaningful life serving other with the talents and resources we have been given. Ultimately, that is our goal. We believe we are given privileges and blessings so that we can serve other people to the honor of God, not so that we can clutch it closely to ourselves. We believe in trying to go where the need is. And that can be done in our home country: there is plenty of need Haley has seen working with underserved populations here in the U.S. So people ask, ‘there are sick and poor people everywhere, why go to Africa?!’

Because there is more need.

There are fewer people who can and want to go there than here.

And there is more for us to learn there.

We are excited to go not just because of all the work that needs to be done, the real impact we can have helping to build up another community’s infrastructure and medical system, but because we have a chance to represent the equity and universality of God’s love and learn in ourselves how better to serve, teach, learn from others, and have deeper compassion, humility and faith. We’re sure there are many things we will experience and learn that we can’t imagine before being there. It’s a mutually beneficial adventure, and we’re excited to go.

Thanks so much to everyone who has expressed support, prayed for us, offered advice and donated. This is your work, too.