Getting ready to say goodbye

First; thank you so much to everyone who’s been following our process and supported us! It is so encouraging and humbling to see people donate, and know that we are building this new work with all of you. Thank you for believing in it like we do.

We are in a wrapping-up phase in Chicago. I have two weeks left in my residency, so every clinic includes goodbyes to more patients and families I’ve gotten to know. It’s been a privilege, and I’ll miss them. We are also starting to say goodbye to our larger communities.

We are planning our last trips to see our families before we leave. We have our fundraising events coming up that also feel like big goodbyes to our friends, coworkers and church families in Chicago in just less than a month, Houston at the end of July, and Minnesota in early August. We are excited to see so many people we’ve known and loved, but it’s also becoming real that it will be the last time we see many of you before we move.

So we just wanted to say thank you for your friendships, encouragement, inspiration and joy you’ve given us. Please don’t let it be the last time we talk – Africa still has Skype, Facebook, and WhatApp!

I Sam. 20:42 . . . “Go in peace,  for we have sworn friendship with each other in the name of the Lord, saying, ‘The Lord is witness between you and me, and between your descendants and my descendants forever’.”

P.S. – If you’re reading this, you are of course invited to our events; we will be posting more of the details here and also on our Facebook page, @Teamryleysupport. Or just ask us. 😀



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