T-minus 21 Days

I apologize in advance as this blog post will be all over the place. In a about three weeks, we will be returning to the US for a little over a month. A couple of requests that we have:
1) If there is anyone in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area that is willing and able to help with the October 19th event, can you please reach out to us and let us know?
2) Please pray that our upcoming travels go smoothly. Running the numbers, it looks like we have 10 flights and a little over 2500 mi of driving for our long drives.

In other news: the first weekend of the month (Labor Day weekend in the US), we went to Nairobi for two reasons: to pick up Haley’s work permit (and my alien ID card) and to celebrate our second anniversary. We enjoyed the time away and together.

We are officially fundraising for next year, so if you would like to contribute, you can click here or see our “Ways to Support” page. If you work for a corporation, there is the chance that your place of employment may match the donation, potentially dollar-for-dollar. Please check Double the Donation to see (and it is possible that your company will match, even if they are not listed).
More reasons to celebrate – we have already raised or have had pledged a little above 50% of next year’s funding! Many thanks to everyone who has contributed!

Thermometer 2019-09-10

Thanks for all the support,

Ryan and Haley


2 thoughts on “T-minus 21 Days

  1. Ryan

    Thanks for the regular updates. We do pray for you and Haley. I’m sorry but I can’t make it to your get together on October 5th. I have some other meetings to go to. God bless you!

    Dave Liu


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