Back at it Again

After being gone a little over 5 weeks, driving over 4000 miles, visiting 14 states, sitting on 9 flights, walking through 10 airports, having 50ish opportunities to meet or talk with people, both getting a flu bug, and lots of fatigue, we are back in Chogoria (and have been back a few days with Haley in clinic two days so far). We saw the heat of Texas “still summer” (95+ degrees), the beauty of autumn in the Midwest and Northeast, the beginnings of winter with snow falling on a nice Michigan morning, and the rains of the southern hemisphere spring as we arrived in Chogoria. It was good to see so many people and we are sorry for anyone we couldn’t see whether because of location or just missing you because of timing.

We have not completely reached our fundraising goal based on what has been recorded and specifically told to us, but we have had a fair amount of success. If you are interested in contributing, you can click here or see our “Ways to Support” page. If you work for a corporation, there is the chance that your place of employment may match the donation, potentially dollar-for-dollar. Please check Double the Donation to see (and it is possible that your company will match, even if they are not listed). Thanks again to those who already have donated and continue to pray for us.


Ryan and Haley

Thermometer 2019-11-13


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