Coming Soon to a city near you!

Ryan and I are busy with our day to day routine here, in our winter season that makes it strange to see all the end-of-summer related posts by friends on Facebook!. It’s a mild winter, but still sweater weather. For me. Not so much Ryan-from-Minnesota.

Ryan continues to be a renaissance-man support staff for our community here, in many administrative and tech support ways. Haley is full time in the Family medicine clinic, teaching student providers, and helping to develop residency curriculum.

We are about a month and a half from our trip back to the States to see everyone, so pencil us in if you’d like to hear us talk about how our first year in Kenya has gone.

Chicago – October 5th

Houston – October 12th

Twin Cities – October 19th

Meeting with friends, family, etc. as much as we can! If you can’t make an event but want to have coffee/supper/anything with chocolate, let us know.

Ryan and Haley



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