Things I’ve Learned in Kenya, part 2

I’ve learned how to cook new recipes with over 50% substituted ingredients.

How to bargain (kind of, still not very good at it).

How to make my own yogurt in the crockpot (the failed attempts were super gross).

To change meal plans on the spot when the grocery options aren’t what I expected.

What to do with all the cabbage, zucchini and avocadoes that are available and inexpensive.

How to do the more complicated Kenyan handshake (if I’m expecting it, otherwise I still get caught off-guard and fail).

To manage hair frizz without gel. Mostly.

To have a routine that (again, mostly) prevents regular sunburns. For those of us from an Irish-German gene pool, it’s a struggle.

Let’s just say, the day to day life in a country you didn’t grow up in is an adventure, but almost a year later we have mostly learned to manage. We’ve been very blessed to be here and have these experiences. Thanks so much to everyone who’s been supporting us along the way! If you would like to be part of our work, please pray for us, and consider donating or sharing our information with others as we raise funds for our next year of service here in Kenya.  We are at about 40% of what we need for 2019-2020!






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