Guess what?

Ryan and I are settling all our plans for our visit back to the States this year in October, and leading up to that we plan to start our fundraising online.

Many of you following along what we do have already supported or are supporting us, and making this possible. We can’t thank you enough. Because of all of you, we’ve been able to work, teach, and serve this past year. We will be having meet and greets in several locations to try to visit with as many of you as we can, talk about what we have been doing, and what we have planned for 2020. In the meantime, we will start our 2020 fundraising online: here on the blog, on Facebook, by email, etc. Last year we did most of our fundraising in person at our events; this year we will get things started from Kenya.

Our goal is to raise next year’s budget, about $70,000 by the end of November. We already have several monthly supporters donating towards that total.

Please consider being part of the team if you are able to donate, or help us by sharing our information with others. Either way, we are looking forward to seeing you all soon!

Ryan and Haley



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