Prayer Requests (Part 3)

To give you all an update on the immigration/work permit situation and a request for prayers with regards to it, Haley’s work permit is still in the appeal stage. We are waiting for word on that and would appreciate prayers for it.¬†We have determined that Haley will not be able to work for most of the month of July (and a little of August) at the hospital on short-term work permits. In August, we expect she will be able to get another short-term work permit if the long-term work permit is not ready.

Because Haley’s work permits are expiring, we are taking a trip outside of East Africa starting in early July. When we come back, Haley will be able to get a new visitor visa which will allow her to be in the country.

In a lighter topic, friends outside of Kenya, can you guess what the pictured fruit is?

Ryan and Haley



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