Back to instability

Because of our challenging immigration status/issues, Ryan and I are back to being in limbo. It’s been quite a roller coaster the last several months, and just when we thought we were getting into a normal routine, we realized not yet. Things that have been helpful while we weather the stress:

Thankfulness for what we have, physically and spiritually.

Finding small moments to laugh together.


Remembering how much God has already taken care of us.

Being willing to go in new directions if that’s what is best.

We are not the only ones with stress in our lives, so I hope that as corny as it sounds, it’s helpful to someone else out there. God willing, we will have a little more stability soon, but in the meantime, keep us in your prayers. And if you are going through anything that you would like us to pray about for you, feel free to let us know. We are thankful for all of you!

Ryan and Haley


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