Feeling Helpless

Sometimes things happen that you have little ability to help as you want. Last week, we received contact from Ed Brand, a US evangelist that spends a lot of time overseas, including Kenya. He had heard of a 10 week old girl that was really struggling to get the nutrition she needed and asked us to contact the Kenyan evangelist who knew the mother and baby. We did, and unfortunately, we determined the family was on the other side of Kenya, so there was not anything we could do in person. Thankfully, we were able to trade some messages and while there were still questions, the diagnosis by Haley over text message was malnutrition at a minimum.

Sadly, because it is difficult and very expensive to buy formula here. Sometimes parents who are doing their best still see their children struggle to grow. With a lot of help from the Kenyan evangelist, some formula was able to be provided for Jane, the baby. From what we could tell, it helped some. However, we found out that Jane was also tongue tied. With some help from Ed, this was rectified. In very good news, it seems like Jane is doing better and improving. Pray that this continues.

Ryan and Haley


2 thoughts on “Feeling Helpless

  1. Thank the Lord for His care and provision for Jane and for you two and Ed and the evangelist and others who served as His means and hands on this occasion!!!


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