Back on the ranch. . .

We’ve been busy! Since we last blogged, we’ve finished language training (officially, but never done learning), taken a family vacation, moved again, appealed some immigration issues, and started formally working.

First, we are not being deported or asked to leave the country (yet)! We have a 60 day extension on our visitor visas and are continuing to work on the things that are necessary for us to stay long term.

Once we had finished our language training, Ryan’s parents were able to visit us and we went on safari together, which was amazing! The land itself was beautiful, and we saw so many animals, birds and butterflies. It was a lovely break.

When vacation was over, we ran errands in Nairobi, headed back to Chogoria and were greeted with a major thunderstorm to help us move some items from Nairobi into the new place(!). The next day we moved. Again. But hopefully the last time for a long time. On moving day, there was a mass casualty that came into the hospital, so it also turned into Haley’s impromptu first day of work.  Three days later, she started her actual, full first days of work; both the hospital and clinic. It is wonderful to be seeing patients again, but it felt like Medicine; the Extreme Edition with no interpreter, an unknown medical system, and a very high patient volume. Everyone survived.

Ryan has been busy helping other people at the hospital with their immigration paperwork, organizing housing assignments, and working on getting some things in the apartment set up.

We would appreciate continued prayers for us to jump into our new roles quickly and wisely, and hopefully be a blessing to our new community.



3 thoughts on “Back on the ranch. . .

  1. Ryan and Haley, Please add Debby Wagner to these updates.  You are in my prayers.Your sister in Christ,Monique 


  2. Ryan, Haley! It’s an amazing journey that you guys have embarked on. I will continue to cheer you on!!! What you are doing give me more hope for humanity!!! Go Team Ryley!!!


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