Double time

We are more than half-way through our language learning phase. That’s both exciting and terrifying. We’ve learned so much, but there’s so much more to go. I can communicate pretty well with toddlers. . .

But since time is flying, I am now starting on lessons specifically in medical Swahili in addition to our regular sessions. Ryan didn’t really want to learn to say things like- ‘Have you seen worms in your poop? Skinny worms or fat worms?’ – so I’m breaking off for those sessions. So 5 days a week I’m working at Swahili about 8-9 hours a day. In a few weeks we’ll back off to double days 2-3/week so my brain doesn’t resign, but for now, it’s a lot. Pray for my brain. Pray for my poor teachers. Pray for my future patients. Pray for the worms.



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