Yes, We are Okay

For those of you who closely follow the news, there is a terrorist incident happening right now in Nairobi (it began about 3 PM local, 6 AM central US time). We just want everyone to know that we are safe. If you follow the blog closely, you know we are not in Nairobi.
We don’t know anyone from that was in the area with certainty, but a daughter of someone we know has been in Nairobi over the last couple of weeks. We don’t know if she is there or in another area. I am sure their family would appreciate prayers on behalf of their daughter.
Until a bit ago, there are no reports of fatalities, but now one has been reported. There have been other injuries reported. Please keep the folks in the area in your prayers – both security forces and any civilians.
While we are not there, we have been near the area where the incident is occurring both in travels and for a meal with friends. It is close to at least one embassy (Australian in particular I recall) and a university or two.

Ryan and Haley


2 thoughts on “Yes, We are Okay

  1. Thanks for the info-I immediately pulled up a map of Kenya, but wasn’t sure where you were.
    Prayers for your safety❤️


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