Everyday Adventures

We’ve been in Kenya just over two weeks now, and most of our day to day time seems to be filled with mundane adventures. They have the uncertainty and discovery of adventure, but without the glamour.

You go to take a shower – will there be water? Hot water? Water pressure? Who knows!

You go to make lunch – how do we wash produce here again? How does this appliance work?? And what is this??!!? (It’s called a “thorn melon”, and it kind of tastes the way it looks.)




You go to buy groceries from a roadside seller – did I just ask for tomatoes or grandmothers?

You go to do laundry – why is a clothespin surprisingly difficult to use the first time, and how do I wash clothes by hand anyway?

Two weeks in, we have learned a lot of miscellaneous new skills, Swahili words, tried new foods, met new people, and seen new places. We are getting the hang of it, one adventure at a time. Karibu Kenya.


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