How to Make Chai*

*Disclaimer: I have been told everyone here has their own way of making chai, and slightly different recipes, some more art than science. But this is what I was shown first. So I guess this is MY chai recipe.


5 cps milk (whole, cream skimmed off if boiled at home)

2 cps water (filtered)

2 scoops of loose black tea leaves (the size of a coffee scoop)


Directions; Combine milk, water and tea leaves in a large pot on the stove and bring to a boil. You are not supposed to scorch it or boil it over like attempt #1. Boil “until it looks right”. Add milk if it “doesn’t look nice” and you think adding milk makes it look nicer.  Boiling 2-3 minutes seems “right”. Remember that that time you did 5-6 minutes was not nice. Remove from stove and pour through a large size strainer, or through a funnel into a small sized strainer, that is over a large pitcher. Do not attempt to pour all the chai straight into the pitcher through a small strainer. Remember the mess left after trial #2.

Once the chai is strained into the pitcher, pour into a chai thermos so it stays hot. Serve from a tray with the sugar, sugar spoons, mugs and thermos so guests can add sugar as desired. Also remember you are supposed to offer bread/toast with it. Don’t be rude like attempt #3.


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