How to make your life chaotic in 10 easy steps!

Step 1. Decide you would like to do something meaningful with your life.

Step 2. Decide that the most meaningful thing to do is move around the world to do volunteer work.

Step 3. Try to convince everyone you’re not crazy. Except your best friend, who you drag into it with you by marrying him. 

Step 4. Quit your jobs.

Step 5. Sell your things, including your house, ASAP. Those trunks aren’t big. (See “what goes in the box”).

Step 6. Pray and ask God if you actually are crazy. Be reassured that Christians are called to do crazy things all the time and proceed (like “fishers of men”, right??).

Step 7.  Take several deep breaths so you can pray some more and power through ALL the paperwork, emails, texts, calls, messages, etc that need to be made to pull this thing off.

Step 8. Hug your friends and family and continue insisting this isn’t that crazy.

Step 9. Wonder if this IS that crazy.

Step 10. Rinse and repeat, mostly being confident that it will all come together, and you haven’t totally lost your mind.

We’re kind of joking. But really, we are making progress, and we ARE assured that we are getting close to being able to book the final plane tickets. . . Right now, we need anyone who can to consider donating, whether that’s $20 or $2000, to help us hit our goal by September.

Thank you SO much to everyone who has – please keep sharing our information! We are about 80% of the way there!



One thought on “How to make your life chaotic in 10 easy steps!

  1. You preach truth friends! God is every faithful every when life is literally upside and inside out. 80% ?!? Can’t wait to see y’all over in a few months!!


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