Instead of two cups of coffee at Starbucks…

You can help a developing country train its medical providers and improve the buildings and infrastructure at a hospital.

We would like to thank those that have already helped support us or have committed to supporting us,¬†with prayers, assistance, and financially. We will not be able to do this without you and God’s help. As has been said, these jobs will provide us no money beyond that which we raise for support. We probably won’t say it enough, but we will try. THANK YOU!

So, what would your donation support?
Mostly, it is things you would expect:
We will have basic living needs – food, housing, health, clothing, and wellness.
We will still need to pay taxes, and we will get to pay both sides of social security and pay Kenyan taxes.
Both of these account for roughly 50% of our expected expense in total.
Taxes might be offset by reduced federal and state taxes – are any of our readers familiar with US tax law for ex-pats?
If you know us, you will not be surprised that we are committed to working and worshiping with a group of Christians. There will be money and time for the 120 km ride to get there (one way).
In addition, we will still have to pay for health insurance. Yes, we do not escape this. In part this is in case we have a major accident/illness, but it also so that when we come back to the US each year, we can make regular check-ups.
Both of these are about 10-15% of our budget each.
After this, we have travel costs, both to and from Kenya, when in Kenya, and when in the United States, planned medical equipment/book purchases, language training, maintaining our respective licenses, and things like cell phone use, internet, and office supplies.
Our budget is presently based on what it costs for another couple there. It is our hope that we can reduce things for ourselves, but it is the best information we have at this point.

So what does this mean?
It means we cannot self-fund this. In addition, it is our hope that we will be able to continue to serve for many years, not just our initial two-year commitment, which again means we cannot self-fund. This is where you can help.

It is our hope that we can do this through your generosity. Below are some examples of what helping us monthly would mean for us:
$10/month – our gas utility.
$20/month – our internet access.
$50/month – our budget for equipment and books.
$100/month – our medical evacuation insurance and our professional licenses (Illinois and Kenyan for Haley and Illinois PE for Ryan) or our electricity utility and saving up for a rental car when in the United States.
$250/month – housing and phone plans.

Anything you are able to pledge per month or year can make a difference. If you have any questions about our budget or planned finances, we are happy to talk about it. Just reach out to us.

Thanks in advance for partnering with us!

Ryan and Haley


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